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How should we fund the transport system in the future?

Below you will see statements from our conversation that reflect different peoples’ perspectives about the land transport system. Voting is now closed.

You can see the opinion groups that formed as people voted and added statements. The visualisation shows the main statements reflecting consensus within the different groups.

Click here to learn more about the next stage, and to register your interest in participating.

How to take part

  • Answer a statement by clicking Agree, Disagree or Pass/Unsure. The next statement will automatically appear.
  • If you can’t bring yourself to categorically agree or disagree with a statement, the challenge is to write and submit a ‘better’ one!
  • To add a statement, fill out the Share your perspective box and click submit.
  • Click on Opinion Groups or the Majority Opinion button to explore areas of agreement and difference.
  • Come back every few days to vote on new statements, review opinion as it is emerging and to add new statements for others to consider.
  • You don’t need to ‘vote’ on all the statements at one time – will only present you with statements you haven’t considered.
  • More detailed instructions are available here.
  • Email if you have any concerns or need help.

Statements and moderation

  • Statements should be about a standalone idea that improves existing statements, or presents new perspectives, experiences, issues, or proposals. Statements can be a maximum of 140 characters, so be concise. 
  • You cannot reply directly to a statement, but you can add a statement that relates to a previous idea. Your added statement will appear randomly in the mix.
  • Statements should not include multiple ideas, but you can submit more than one.
  • Statements must be on topic, clear and should not name people, be offensive or be duplicates of other published statements. 
  • The moderation team will aim to accept or decline submitted statements within 72 hours.

Voters, votes and statements are anonymous

  • Neither participants nor the moderators can see who has submitted a statement or how any individual has voted.
  • The reports that generates do not identify anyone.
  • Participants must register and sign in to take part in the
  • No participants will be identified in any analysis or reports.
  • View our full Privacy Statement here.